Devil’s Chaplain available now on Audible!

The Devil’s Chaplain is now available on Audible, and Check it out right here. I had a great time reading this book and hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Just want to thank Bruce Hartman once again for giving me the opportunity to work on this amazing project and for […]

The Devil’s Chaplain Update

Exciting news folks! Just uploaded the last finished chapter of The Devil’s Chaplain for review this morning. Watch for the completed audiobook to be available on, and iTunes in the next week or two. Really pleased I was able to get this thing done in about 4 weeks. I really wasn’t sure I’d […]

We’re Back!!!!!

Great news everyone! Narango Audio productions is back from a nearly 2 year break! I’ve just accepted an offer to produce Bruce Hartman’s latest book, The Devil’s Chaplain. Super excited to be working with Bruce again, he’s a amazingly talented author and this book is another thrilling piece of literature I can’t wait to start […]

1,000 audiobook sales

Hit my first milestone today. 1,000 audiobook sales. Haven’t had time to get any new titles produced in the last few months due to caring for a new baby at home, but hope to get back to it soon to add to that total and get to 2,ooo soon!

Audiobook review for Ahsoka

“Not all that interesting” Found this book extremely tedious and dull. I did not care for any of the characters introduced and the first 2/3 of this book seemed to drag on forever, with a story of Ahsoka hiding from the empire and living a mundane life. Even when the action FINALLY starts to pick […]

Battle Earth III available for sale

Hey all, so the 3rd installment of Nick S Thomas’ Battle Earth series has just hit the digital shelves at Audible, Amazon and iTunes just in time for the holidays! If you’re looking for a gift for that scifi fan in your life, give it a shot! And if you know any avid readers not […]